The Process of Lightforce Laser Therapy for Pain

The Lightforce Laser Therapy for Pain program is a relatively new treatment that uses a pulsed laser beam to target and relieve pain. This treatment is being offered by the University of Florida’s Gainseville Laboratory. People with chronic pain can be helped by this particular treatment. The first step involves the creation of a three-dimensional model in the patient’s own hand. The patient is then given commands via a handheld computer to move his or her hands in ways designed to approximate the areas of pain. The computer sends signals to the pulsed laser, which then reacts by emitting light.


This type of treatment may be used for more than just pain management. It has been found that patients experiencing chemotherapy are able to boost their immune system by undergoing this procedure. Patients who suffer from cancer or other ailments may also benefit. Some other conditions where this technique may prove beneficial include tennis elbow, migraines, shingles, and other injuries that occur frequently. In addition, it may even prove beneficial for those who have had spinal surgery.


Even though it has only been available for the last few years, there are already a number of patients who have undergone the procedure. These include football players, boxers, cyclists, swimmers, and others. While some of them may have experienced pain after receiving the laser therapy for pain, most reported improvements in mobility. In addition to improved movement, they also said that the pain was lessened or eliminated altogether. If you are interested in this particular treatment, you will need to schedule an appointment at your local clinic. You can get more information about the process on the Gainseville Laboratory website.

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