The Windsors Turf Farm

windsor turf farm

Windsors Turf Farm is a leader in the turf industry. “As one of the leading turf suppliers in the state of New South Wales, we supply both premium turf and associated products to local government and community organisations. “We pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation and production excellence. Our clients include both commercial and residential clients, including schools, businesses, community associations, sports clubs, leisure establishments and voluntary organisations.


“Windsor turf is a trademarked brand owned by T&R Turf Australia. “This award winning company is a founding member of the Turf Council which is an independent not for profit organisation supporting turf consumers, retailers and suppliers across the nation. Windor’s turf range includes both premium and custom designed turf for sporting facilities, green areas, sports pitches, sports centres and general landscaping.”


“Winnsor’s turf production is made possible through state of the art ecological systems that are built to withstand adverse weather, including heavy rainfall, extreme heat, drought and ultra clear skies. The farms are located throughout the naturally bush lined ridges and can be accessed by water. There are two types of turf production: wet and dry. Wet tilled production is undertaken when the soil is pumped with liquid effluent, which is then turned into the loose soil from the surface. This is the most intensive method of production and has a significant environmental impact. “

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