Which Dyslexia Program is Best For You?

In the early years of their lives, children with dyslexia are often labeled as troublemakers, although in most cases they are not misbehaving. Because dyslexia impairs speech and language development, these children are often labeled as “dumb,” which puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to achieving success in school and life. A dyslexia program can help you overcome your learning disability and gain the intelligence and skills that you need to be successful. If you have dyslexia, there are many dyslexia programs available that will teach you how to read, write, and communicate fluently. Some programs also incorporate multisensory training so that your brain will learn to process the information that you are absorbing throughout the day, enabling you to process new material at a higher rate than other people.

dyslexia program

Dyslexia Program is Best

A good dyslexia program will be tailored to meet the needs of your particular needs. One important factor in determining which dyslexia program is best for you is whether or not it incorporates a phonological awareness approach. Phonological awareness approach trains students to recognize that letters are different from each other based on their sounds. Students learn to match the sounds of a letter with the corresponding letter in the word or phrase that they are learning. If students identified the letters of the word correctly when they were younger, they should be able to do the same when they hear the word or phrase.


Another important component of a good dyslexia program is for it to incorporate a strategy for remediation of reading comprehension and writing. A strategy for remediation of reading comprehension will allow students to slow down or stop reading out loud when they are having difficulty understanding what they just read. Students also learn to understand why they made a mistake and the importance of keeping their mistakes to themselves. For students identified with an inability to write, a strong remediation program for reading comprehension will help them to develop a faster and stronger ability to write fluently.

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