Why Use A Mask N95?

mask n95

The mask N95 is a great piece of equipment for relieving and masking your allergies. It can be used in several situations where an allergy is present, but it is most commonly used as one of the last resorts when conventional methods fail. Some of the situations it is commonly used in include: providing instant relief from a cold or rainy day, helping reduce coughing during instances of sinus congestion, reducing any symptoms associated with allergy rhinitis and more. The net is great for relieving allergies by reducing or masking the effects of airborne allergens.


The mask Net was invented by a student of Dr. George Palamides in 1966. He discovered that he could use a net to provide instant relief from the effects of airborne allergens. He would then use a device similar to a humidifier to further improve the effect and required power in order to perform this procedure. In the past few years the mask has made some major advances. Some of these include: having a small form factor that makes it very easy to fit in a small pocket, the ability to provide multiple levels of cooling, being able to remove the mask for cleaning or changing the air level easily, the ability to measure the airflow of the mask easily, and more.


If you are looking for a great portable device to help reduce the symptoms of asthma, the mask Net is a good place to start. The Net uses a HEPA filtration system to provide clean, fresh air. The technology is very simple and easy to use and is completely safe. You just put it on before you go to bed and it removes any obstructions that you might have. The Net also provides continuous coverage and stays cool to the touch making it a great alternative to traditional air ventilation systems. The Net is available at most online stores for excellent prices and can be ordered online right from the website.

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